Where God Stopped Being Sovereign: From the White House to the Hills of Kyongera

This is the time of year where we intentionally extend gratitude toward the Almighty for our blessings.  “We are really blessed with so much,” say millions on Thanksgiving Day, referring to their TVs,… Continue reading

Archdeacon Rev. William Ongeng to Visit U.S.

Friends, I am pleased to announce the coming of my former (and future) supervisor, clergyman Rev. Ongeng.  Keep reading, because this news may affect you! While Suzan and I lived in Lira, I… Continue reading

Better Things to Do Than Voting: American Pseudo-Suffrage and the Illusion of Hope

This post is not about the electoral college.  It is not about a better Third Party Candidate.  This post is about a seduced people and the facade of democracy.  An oppressed populous that has internalized… Continue reading

Video Interviews with Yahya Sseremba

The Invisible Story Behind Invisible Children

An article I wrote earlier this year: I was once an overzealous single, but in 2009 my current wife, Suzan Abong of Oyam District, Northern Uganda, changed my mind fairly quickly. We fell… Continue reading

Don’t Call Me “Missionary”

A heavily tattooed woman with short hair and work boots walks down the street confidently as you brush shoulders with her while passing in the opposite direction.  “Must be a lesbian,” you think… Continue reading

How did THAT happen?! (A short story for romantics)

In the summer of 2009 I was an overzealous single man touring the eastern United States, playing bass guitar in a rock band, and going days without eating anything substantial. A few months… Continue reading