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What Does It Mean to Reclaim MLK Day?

When I was in fourth grade, a teacher at our school placed a transparent picture on an overhead projector (remember those?) depicting a white man walking alongside Martin Luther King Jr., explaining that… Continue reading

Not Yet Free: A Statement from Phil After Arrest

There are those who hate the one who upholds justice in court     and detest the one who tells the truth. You levy a straw tax on the poor     and impose a tax on… Continue reading

Language, Medicinal Worldview, “Development,” and Public Health

In leb Lango, the word “yat” is used for both “tree” and “medicine.” What does that say about a human being’s orientation toward his or her environment?  Obviously, trees are thought to be important.… Continue reading

Why Activists Struggle to Get Funding

Activists tend to be people who are committed to their cause regardless of the presence of resources.  Many spend years without salaries struggling for change.  Others pour their own money into their efforts.… Continue reading

What Should We Plant in Our Garden?

I’m thinking passion fruit varieties along the walls, maybe some rarer vegetables, etc., but still very open to other ideas!

Home Economics: Everything is Important

These days I kind of laugh when expats or those abroad complain about a lack of local recycling facilities.  Almost every imaginable object here is recycled in a natural human process, be it a piece… Continue reading

Ugandan Youths Being Tortured at Central Police Station

The Jobless Brotherhood formed recently to protest peacefully against youth unemployment and advocate for a free democratic society in Uganda. Their first act was to stealthily release two yellow painted pigs into Parliament.… Continue reading

Living in State House is Backwardness

Recently, President Museveni declared that “living in villages in backwardness.” In a country where the vast majority of people, an estimated 30 million, reside in rural areas, it is very clear that Museveni… Continue reading

Want to come visit Uganda without the full financial burden?

Suzan and I are seeking a babysitter for Nadia, perhaps somebody who also likes either computers or community development or agriculture…. Includes food and housing. We will chip in for your plane ticket. Must be… Continue reading

What makes theology “African theology?”

Is it any theology performed by any African? Is it theology derived from a distinct African religious tradition, such as traditional belief systems or Ethiopian Orthodoxy? Is it theology that is distinct from… Continue reading